Remote Control Airplanes Type

Remote Control Airplanes Type

RC airplanes and helicopters are divided into several types.

AirplaneTrainer; RC trainer aircraft designed to learn on. They are conventional in design and basic, with a wing on the fuselage for maximum stability in the air. Coaches can be powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine, glow plug (nitro), the most common of the IC. Coaches are available in various sizes and shapes and counting for a large sector of all rc aircraft.

AirplaneSport. RC sport plane also makes a very large sector of all rc aircraft. They are one or two steps up from basic trainers but can also be used for training purposes, especially low-wing training. Sport aircraft, such as coaches, can any size or shape and better able to perform aerobatic maneuvers of the coaches, the majority of mid-wing aircraft or a sport is low, making them better to perform such maneuvers. High-wing aircraft such as trainers, in general, it is not aerobatic.

, RC aerobatic aircraft has been designed specifically for advanced aerobatic maneuvers and flew '3 D '. Rc airplane types is usually mid-wing with control surfaces and oversized motor (electric or nitro) is more powerful than the actual needs of the aircraft. Aerobatic aircraft can be thrown around the sky and fly very aggressively, as long as the pilot knows what he's doing!

WarbirdsWarbirds, RC rc airplane has always been a subject of popular, classic lines and smooth flight characteristics make rc airplanes Warbirds some of the best looking out there. Not very suitable as an absolute first model, although there are some RTF Warbirds are available that have been developed with the beginner in mind. The term describes the Warbird aircraft used in the war, especially the First and Second World Wars. A P-51 Mustang is a classic example.

Vintage RC; airplaneVintage rc airplane is a popular subject, especially with the modelers who enjoy the hobby of building and flying side. Many classic design dates back to late 1930's and 40's and big size. 3 channel radio and 4 stroke motor makes the perfect combination of vintage aircraft, and they are often slow, soft leaflets. Vintage aircraft also known as the Old Timer in some parts of the world, and you may also see them referred to as the plane of the 'Golden Era' of aeromodelling.

RC float plane; floats planesRC increase in availability, but they are certainly not as widely available as a ground plane. If you have a lake near the house, float planes can be a lot of fun but getting some good experience in landing on the ground before you try one! Rc aircraft lost in the drink is not fun.